I am a self-taught film photographer with a home darkroom where I do my own processing and enlargements.  I split my creative time exploring the possibilities of large format with my Kodak 2D 5x7, studio portraits with medium format and old hot lights, and manipulating Impossible Project film.  

Basically, I am an obsessive geek who never met a rabbit hole she wouldn’t jump into.  

In addition to shooting film, I also work to promote film photography.  I am the Executive Administrator and Curator for the Film Shooters Collective, where we provide a community for film photographers via online photo streams and articles, books, exhibits, and real life meet-ups and photo walks.  I am also on the board of She Shoots Film, a group that is dedicated to promoting the film photography of women.

You can read more about me here and here.  

You can contact me at ruby@lostartphotography.com

You can find me at:
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Twitter @LostArtPhotos and @film_shooters
Film Shooters Collective
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